Sweetpotato Workshop at PAG Meeting

International Plant & Animal Genome XXVII (PAG)
January 12-16, 2019 – San Diego, CA, USA

PAG is the largest Ag-genomics Meeting in the world and brings together over 3,000 leading genetic scientists and researchers in plant and animal research, and over 130 exhibits, 150 workshops, 1100 posters and over 1800 abstracts. The sweetpotato workshop will be carried out on the Wednesday, January 16 13:30 (PST) at the Town and Country, Royal Palm Salon 5-6 (https://plan.core-apps.com/pag_2019/event/297ea0e798a3cb7fbf8b90e06f1ef224). Owing to its polyploid nature, sweetpotato genomics and its application to breeding is several steps behind that of many crops. This workshop will bring together multidisciplinary teams to share and discuss current progress in genomic studies in sweetpotato and its potential in improving the efficiency of breeding towards increased genetic gains, especially in the developing world. Topics of interest will include: genome sequencing, genotyping methods, bioinformatics methods, QTL mapping, genome-wide association mapping (GWAS), genomic selection, transcriptomics, transformation and gene characterizations, New phenotyping approaches aimed at improving the application of molecular markers, Population diversity and how it is applied in breeding. This meeting is organized by CIP scientist Dr. Dorcus Gemenet, chaired by Dr. Edward Carey (CIP) and co-chaired by Dr. Craig Yencho from North Carolina State University. The meeting brings together numerous attendees among them Dr. Hugo Campos (CIP Director of Research) and other scientists from the RTB community and offers the best opportunity to reach the researchers working on sweetpotato and other RTB crops. There is good international representation and an excellent forum for interaction with the thought leaders in the plant genomics. This is an important meeting for the sweetpotato community to meet and network with companies offering genomic solutions to crops with complex genetics. PAG provides a good platform to present research advance and gives the opportunity to see a number of potential new collaborators.